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  • INFO TO BE FOLLOWED – The French Scientific Council considers the closure of schools unnecessary

Despite the appearance of a more contagious English variant of the coronavirus on the territory, the president of the scientific council Jean-François Delfraissy does not consider it useful to close schools at this stage. He explained that “English data on the penetration of the virus in schools are not sufficiently clear to push us to close schools in France”.

On the other hand, “We recommend a number of much stricter surveillance measures than we have had to date.” “It’s openness under surveillance”, he said, advocating the closure of classes or establishments as soon as a first case of an English variant is identified.

Jean-François Delfraissy also pleaded for the resumption of part of the face-to-face classes at the university from the February holidays, in the face of the psychological damage created by the health crisis among students. “It is a major public health problem. (…) We ask a lot of this young population in France ”, he stressed.

Optimistic about vaccines, Jean-François Delfraissy estimated that France could largely emerge from this health crisis next September.

“I bet that there will of course always be a certain number of people who will not want to be vaccinated but that a large part of the French population will understand the value of vaccines and we could largely get out of this crisis – not totally, we will continue to wear masks – around September 2021 ”, he predicts. And add: “There are three difficult months to come, things will be better in the spring and should improve by the end of the summer.”

In England, where stricter containment measures have been decided, the National Education Union, the teachers ‘and professors’ union, has posted a map online to find out precisely the health situation around his school. In France, local maps have emerged as well as the collaborative initiative on Framacarte / Openstreetmap.

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