club fixes position on Messi’s departure, does not contemplate it

For the first time, FC Barcelona refers publicly to the possibility of the departure of Lionel Messi. And the reality is that, for managers, it is not an imaginable scenario.

Ramon Planes, technical secretary, gave a clear opinion about the Argentine’s possible departure: “The truth is that it was important news and what Mr. Koeman, the president and I thought many times as technical secretary is that what we want is build another winning cycle around the best player in the world and in history. Barça has rebuilt a lot these years and has come back stronger. We have to draw conclusions from this stage but our idea is to build a team around the best in the world. « 

When asked about the possibility of reversing Messi’s decision, he said: “We are not contemplating any type of exit at a contractual level because we want him to stay. You have to speak with enormous respect for Messi because he is the best in the world and in history. The future that comes to us is positive with young players and with Leo and we cannot get out of this idea because it is our idea. Leo has given a lot to Barça and it is a marriage that has given a lot and that has given many joys to the fans. We who are inside must fight for this to continue. We are spending many hours doing internal work. It is very important news (that he asks to leave) but now we have to work hard internally to find the best solution to this case ”.

The manager says that they are waiting for Messi next Sunday in the PCR tests prior to the start of the preseason, that the club’s board is united and works at forced marches so that the reconstruction of the team, after 8-2, is a reality and They are working on that, beyond it being a plan B in case the captain actually leaves: « We are working and building a team. We present Pedri, Trincao, and some more signing that will come, to try to make a winning team, « We try to regenerate the team. Always with great respect for those who are here and have won a lot. We have to face this with great respect. We cannot make this a public dispute between Barça and Messi because neither side deserves it. »