Cocolyze, the SEO tool that pampers its users

SEO is a very competitive market, why did you create Cocolyze?

All companies know about SEO and its importance, but few devote the time to it despite the positive impact it can have on a business.
By analyzing the SEO market, we found that SEO can be a source of frustration for clients.

Many of them do not know where to start, how to identify what is not working, how to write content correctly and most importantly, how to measure the impact of the actions taken. Market players offer a large amount of relatively complex data to analyze. It does not promote decision making and can create confusion.
This is why we are working to offer a complete solution, which saves time for companies, but above all, which allows them to facilitate their decision-making. Being able to quantify your actions allows you to have a clear and objective look. This avoids having to rely only on reviews.

Many companies seem to prefer to use multiple tools with an area of ​​specialization. Why don’t they opt for a “complete” solution like Cocolyze?

The SEO tools on the market, especially those identified as “free”, all have one area of ​​predilection. Some are better at analyzing and suggesting backlinks, others will be better at keywords or competitive analysis, etc.
However, juggling several tools will lead to analyzes with different axes and different visions. It’s like building a house with 5 or 6 different artisans. After a while, communication is no longer optimal, everyone preaches for his parish and we can even have errors of interpretation. So the more tools you have in SEO, the more you risk multiplying problems and misunderstandings and this will increase the time you will spend there.

The other problem is that the so-called “all-in-one” solutions are currently very expensive “gas factories”.
At Cocolyze, we adopt a very different positioning. Our desire is not to drown our users in a flow of data that they only use 20% most of the time. We want to support them and facilitate their SEO strategy on a daily basis.

How does your tool help your customers to create quality sites and content?

We did not try to create features that are intended to fool Google, nor to find the “magic” keywords. Everyone in the market has the data they need to know the best keywords to use and to spy on competitors.

When people come to Cocolyze, we want to offer them something that is meaningful to them. We want to erase this famous frustration. What they do with our tool must be useful to them. That’s why we make Cocolyze as accessible as possible, without popularizing SEO.
Today, we are proud to offer a tool that is as complete as possible. It allows you to start a market, choose the right keywords, optimize your site, monitor and analyze, as well as write content.

In addition, we are the first SEO solution to take into account the new Google signals from Core Web Vitals in our analyzes and in our reports. This can only help our users to rank well on search engines.

What is the added value of your tool?

What matters in SEO today is not just finding the famous “magic” keyword, but knowing how to exploit it to be correctly positioned in Google. Few tools on the market offer this vision.

We want to give our users a method, with consistent tools for each step of SEO optimization. The uninitiated, like SEO experts, should find what they are looking for using our tool.

Finally, we have implemented a new more affordable pricing with a credit system. This gives customers the freedom to navigate the site as they please and use the features they need, when they need them. Cocolyze is not necessarily “cheaper” than the others, but above all it is easier to adapt to its needs. The problem is, you don’t always need the same tools every month. That is why, with Cocolyze, we offer this freedom, which prevents our users from paying for features they do not use.

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