Cold in Texas: after the weights, those in charge jump

The departure of Sally Talberg, head of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Ercot), was confirmed by a statement from the authorities of the great Southern State, known to be the energy lung of the United States.

Millions of Texans were deprived of electricity and clean water last week when their state, accustomed to milder temperatures, was suddenly hit by a polar cold snap.

This extreme climatic episode, which wreaked havoc across the southern and central United States, claimed the lives of at least 70 people, according to US media.

Faced with the resounding scandal – how could Texas, the country’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, find itself plunged into such a crisis? – the governor of the state himself called for the resignation of the leaders of the Ercot.

“While the Texans were in dire need of electricity, Ercot failed in his mission,” said Greg Abbott.

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