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AirPods are one of the most striking and currently most representative Apple products. Among their features, quality and complement to the ecosystem created by the company, these headphones have become the favorites of iPhone users who have a future within the plans and their third generation is closer with this concept video.

AirPods 3This is what the third-generation AirPods that are rumored to arrive in the middle of this year could look like.

AirPods 3

Not long ago, leaks about the new AirPods 3 and their design came to light. According to various rumors, these new headphones would have change on a part of the ‘grip’ or protruding cylinder of the earphone it would be pressure sensitive as it is on the AirPods Pro.

With rumors come ideas and initiatives, therefore, a new YouTube has come out concept video which collects the strongest rumors about these AirPods 3 and presents a visual sample of what they would look like and their characteristics.

The video shows a more compact design, very similar to the AirPods Pro, a processor that would allow to improve the audio, connection and performance functions. There would be compatibility with MagSafe and a new color in Space Gray.

Many of the rumors suggest that this next generation of AirPods would cost $ 200. In addition, Apple would have planned to launch a “Lite” version of its AirPods headphones, which would be cheaper, of course, opting to omit some features.

It is also said that it would increase the battery life time. These new AirPods 3 are expected to hit Apple stores in the first half of 2021. At the moment there is no official information to confirm all this, so it is important to emphasize that it is a concept based on rumors or leaks.

These new AirPods models would complement the current line that Apple has along with the recent AirPods Max that already have reviews that confirm the quality they have.

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