Concrete and terracotta in turmoil after 2020 environmental regulations

“RE2020”. Behind this barbaric acronym hides the new environmental building regulations which are due to come into force on July 1, 2021. By that time, construction professionals must get on the job to find materials that can store carbon . “Materials that emit little will have an advantage over materials that emit more”, Housing Minister Emmanuelle Wargon said during her presentation last November.

“It (the new regulations, editor’s note) obliges players to reposition themselves, to develop their models. It does not impose the choice of materials but sets a course. We come back to more local, more natural, less emissive materials, which we have used for centuries », Summarizes Laurent Girometti, director general of public development establishments EPA Marne-EPA France and former director general of Housing, Urbanism and Landscapes (DHUP).

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