Confined, Britons use their surveillance cameras to spy on their neighbors

Victim Support, the British association for helping victims, reveals that owners are installing surveillance cameras in order to intimidate their neighbors and to monitor compliance with containment. In any case, this is what the Association notes in view of the increase in people who have undergone this kind of treatment that the police refer to it. “This is deliberately intimidating and makes the victim’s life very difficult. We have seen an increase in the number of people who feel watched over during this time. They cannot go out to a grocery store because of the frequency with which they go out. is measured“, explains the president of Victim Support, Rachel Almeida, daily The Telegraph.

The association thus advances the figure of 28% more antisocial behavior during the current lockdown. This increase would be linked to the irritability and frustration generated by the pressure of being confined. The president of Victim Support even speaks of a good time to settle accounts: “If you’ve ever had an argument with your neighbors, that’s an excuse to make their life a little more miserable by keeping an eye on them. People have more free time. This is one of the main issues that we met during this period “. Thus, Victim Support pleads for victims of antisocial behavior to have the same rights as others, because “of the psychological trauma they can cause”.

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