Congress Brings Stances on Federal Aid

Members of the United States Congress are expected to unveil bipartisan legislation as soon as Monday to send long-awaited federal aid to families and businesses suffering from the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic.

Miami World/The newspaper

A group of the House of Representatives – led by the Democrats – and the Senate – under Republican control – could present the formal text of a package of aid against COVID-19 for 908,000 million dollars to mitigate the economic and health impact of the virus in the first days of the government of the president-elect, Joe Biden.

“With the economy weakening, 200,000 additional cases of the virus yesterday, and with so many initiatives from the first (legislative) package that will run out the day after Christmas, you know, it would be what I call ‘stupid on steroids’ if Congress doesn’t act.” Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, a member of the bipartisan group that wrote the proposal, said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hope to add a new coronavirus aid package to a $ 1.4 trillion overhead “omnibus” bill that Congress must pass on Friday, when funding for US government agencies expire.

“We hope it brings us very close to something we can put on the ‘bus,'” Pelosi told reporters on Friday, indicating that Democrats see the legislation as a possible basis for future bicameral negotiations.

Lawmakers approved $ 3 trillion in aid earlier this year, but have not been able to agree to new relief since April.

A series of emergency relief programs established in response to the pandemic, including additional unemployment benefits and a moratorium on tenant evictions, expire at the end of December.

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