Congressional Budget Committee approves covid-19 aid package

The Budget Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States approved by 19 votes to 16 against the aid package promoted by President Joe Biden for a value of 1.9 trillion dollars.

Miami World / Diario las Americas

The proposal now goes to the Standards Committee, equivalent to the Board, before going to the plenary session of the Lower House of Congress, which could happen on Friday or Saturday. Later it would continue its processing in the Senate.

The proposal includes checks for $ 1,400, an expansion of unemployment benefits, financing for the purchase of vaccines and tests, $ 129,000 million for schools, more credits for parenting, tax credits for earned income and a plan to raise wages. minimum at $ 15 an hour by 2025.

Republican Brendan Boyle acknowledged that the initiative is very popular, with 70 percent support, including half of Republicans, but defended the vote against all Republican members of the Commission because the proposal includes a multitude of reforms outside the coronavirus.

“It’s the wrong plan at the wrong time and for many reasons,” said Republican Jason Smith, saying that the $ 350 billion in state and local aid will encourage lockdowns. Also, some 700,000 million will not be spent at least until 2022.

It is necessary to emphasize that Biden’s Democratic Party has a clear majority in the House of Representatives, but in the Senate there is a 50-50 tie, so only the casting vote of Vice President Kamala Harris allows the Democrats to win the votes by most.

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