Conquest of Mars: SpaceX managed to fly ‘Starship’, a giant rocket – .

A prototype of SpaceX’s giant rocket made its first altitude flight before crashing on landing.

A flight at 12,000 m altitude

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, SpaceX flew a prototype of Starship which will be his future giant rocket which will be sent to the planet Mars.

The prototype of the super launcher managed to rise more than 12,000m above the facilities of SpaceX located in the center of Boca Chica, on the Texas coast, in the United States, reports RTL.

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“Mars, here we are!”

After this more or less successful test, the boss of SpaceX, Elon musk, tweeted: “Mars, here we are!”. For its part, SpaceX said in a statement: “Great test. Congratulations to the Starship team!”.

Elon musk plans one day to launch several vessels to conquer March. The future 120-meter-high rocket will have to have a capacity of a load of 100 tons in orbit around the Earth. A manned vessel and a first stage called Super Heavy equipped with 37 engines instead of 9 will make up the rocket.

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