Containment: rise in the number of online sexual abuse against children – .

This “incredible influx” of online child sexual abuse results from the fact that little ones and pedophiles have spent more time at home during lockdown. Young people were left to fend for themselves.

An explosive cocktail

NGOs and police have denounced a surge in sexual abuse online on children around the world during the confinement. A situation that was caused by the closure of schools. Predators and young were then confined to their homes during this exceptional period marked by many restrictions. “Containment linked to Covid-19 has created an explosive cocktail conducive to an increase in the sexual exploitation of children online”, confided John Tanagho of the NGO International Justice Mission (IJM) which fights against sex trafficking.

Children exploited by their own parents

Developing countries like the Philippines and Indonesia are the first to record a considerable increase in pedophiles, report 20 minutes. They came into contact with children through social media, online gaming sites or through the dark web. In the Philippines for example, the government recorded a 260% jump in reports of child abuse content from March to May. This period corresponds to confinement strict in the country, notes UNICEF. The situation is more alarming in some developing countries where families have found themselves without jobs and income. Parents have gone so far as to exploit their own children by broadcasting live footage for predators in rich countries.

The children’s ordeal

Despite outside intervention, the trauma continues. Mellanie Olano, social worker for the NGO IMJ in the Philippines, has often taken part in operations to help these children. “It’s quite chaotic when you arrive in a house where there are abuse, the children all start to cry “, she confided. In Indonesia, almost 20% of young people say they have seen predatory behavior online. Indonesian Police Commissioner Teuku Rasya Khadafi then appealed to parents to become more attentive to their children’s online activities.

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