Controversy over the vaccination of a mayor of a town in Tarragona who took advantage of an excess dose

This Wednesday, in addition to knowing the case of three nurses who have vaccinated their relatives against Covid in a residence for disabled people in Terres de l’Ebre, in Tarragona, and who have been removed from their duties by the Catalan Institute of La Salut (ICS), it has also transpired that the mayor of Riudoms, Sergi Pedret (JxCat), has been vaccinated against the virus taking advantage of, he himself has reported on his Facebook profile, “A call from the person who coordinates the vaccination process at the residence and explained to me that some doses were going to be thrown away.”

A health worker injects the vaccine during the first day of vaccination against Covid-19 in Spain, in a nursing home

Pedret himself explained that, due to different circumstances, “some vaccines could not be provided” and that “the coordination team decided that they had to be taken advantage of and asked me to receive the vaccine myself and another person (apparently, a councilor) since Meetings of the mayor with the residence are common. ”

“I followed the indications of those responsible for vaccination, trusting their criteria and the protocols established for the development of the population vaccination process. I considered that I am not the one who should decide who is vaccinated or not, and even less so to refuse to the offer due to the possibility that this dose was thrown away, which could be interpreted as a mistrust on my part towards the safety of the vaccine ”, the first mayor of the Tarragona population has justified himself.

His vaccination has generated controversy on social networks and many Internet users have opined that, ahead of him, there are more vulnerable people who could have received the vaccine.

The Riudoms geriatric center also offered a dose of the vaccine to the village priest, but he declined the offer.

The Department of Health will announce what happened, has indicated this Wednesday, and has specified that the staff that coordinates the vaccination in the health region in no case contacted the mayor, but that this was a decision of the residence. The center also offered a dose to the village priest, but the village priest declined.

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