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For those of Simeone it was especially important to add in this match against him Seville for being one of those who had postponed the first two days. With the rest of direct rivals practically already up to date in terms of those postponed, everything won was doubly important for the rojiblancos.

You cannot underestimate what he has done Athletic. After the reverse of Cup, after the suspension of the crash he had before him Athletic, after not being able to train in a group in four days, against a Seville that it is a great team that knows at all times what it plays … With everything against it, the team of Cholo he added three points in one of those games that cement a title. They are five points of difference with the Real
Madrid, second, with two games less. Winter champion, with two games less. Tremendous.

He did it with a match in which he managed time at all times. He went ahead with a goal from Angel
belt in the first half. He became strong in defense and struck the final blow in the second half, in a great play that culminated in a Saul that he needed that goal dedicated to that baby on the way.

One of the issues that remained to be resolved in the case of Athletic, was the emotional and sporting impact that the enormous disaster of being eliminated from Copa del Rey for him Cornellà. The answer is that the mattress team had a setback, without further ado, which is still strong especially in its Li matchesga, where right now is the best, no buts.

The first news came from the eleven who presented Diego Pablo Simeone. The Argentine left on the bench Joao Felix, who came in recent weeks with some ankle discomfort. He bet on an attack formed by

The first was from Seville. A free-kick that ended, after several rebounds, with a ball to Rakitic in which the Croatian shot turning barely three meters from the door of Oblak. The shot came out bitten and allowed the mattress goalkeeper to catch it without problems. Beyond that, players like Gimenez or Trippier, absent in the last appointments for various reasons.

He Seville He came out very pressing, with the first line very close to the defensive mattress, trying to reproduce what he gave him such good success against the Real society. However the Athletic risked much less and within the first quarter of an hour was equal, the team of Simeone hit first.

A foray down the left wing of the Seville, with a pass of Trippier that came to belt In the area. The Argentine turned around like an exhalation and beat low to Bond. Golazo. A goal that openly opened the exchange of blows between the two contenders.

The Andalusian team touched the tie shortly after in a play with a pass between the lines that left En-Nesyri in a heads up with Oblak, in a divided ball, which the Slovenian launched to reach before. The rebound reached Acuna, with the goal already on the ground, but his shot with the right went wide.

The following were rojiblancas. Occasion of which Luis Suarez it does not usually fail. Again, Trippier placed a ball behind the back of the Seville defense, and the Uruguayan in hand-to-hand with Bond he sent it to the body of the doorman. By the way, blessed return of the English after the suspension of the sanction. It was noticed a lot in terms of depth for his band. In half an hour, again, Suarez he tried a shot from the front that the Moroccan goal stopped.

The first act ended the aforementioned balance. With a Seville who had a hard time getting his hands on a Athletic that after the goal, something fell back looking for space and speed.

Tactical contest

The second half also moved in that tonic of a pulse between two very even teams, well worked. A tactical battle in which both knew that they could not have a mistake because the opposite would take advantage of it.

He Cholo put in the field Joao Felix and Saul, by belt and Lemar. Something more unexpected was the change of the Argentine who was being one of the best rojiblancos. Lopetegui also moved tab. Gave entry to Oscar.

He Athletic he knew how to handle himself perfectly and in 75 ‘he struck the final blow. Triangulation of the house brand in a band, with a long pass to Llorente, the Madrilenian put a delicious ball on the edge of the area. Saul raised his head and placed it to the left of Bond, glued to the base of the post. Great goal too.

He Seville, already desperately had some end, like a very clear of En-Nesyri, practically only in the mattress area. Or another auction of Rakitic that hit the stick.

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13 J. Oblak 13 Bono 6 Koke 16 J. Navas 78’22 M. Hermoso (9 L. De Jong) 2 J. Giménez 12 J. Kounde 15 S. Savić 20 Diego Carlos 23 K. Trippier 19 M. Acuña 14 M Llorente 25 Fernando 11 T. Lemar 66’8 Joan Jordán 59 ‘(8 Saúl) (14 Óscar) 21 Y. Carrasco 88’10 I. Rakitić (18 Felipe) 7 Suso 78’10 Á. Correa 66 ‘(21 Ó. Torres) (7 João Félix) 15 En-Nesyri 84’9 L. Suárez 82’ (11 Munir) (5 L. Torreira) 5 L. Ocampos

Goals: (1-0) Á. Correa (17 ‘), (2-0) Saúl (76’)

Cards: L Koke (48 ‘), S. Savić (57’) L

Referee: Estrada Fernández (C. Catalán)

Spectators: Behind closed doors at the Wanda Metropolitano

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