Coronavirus : 60 artists and authors describe their world from (10 illustrations)

COVID-19 :
Illustrations: Étienne Davodeau and Estelle Hocquet

What will the world be like after? This is the question asked by Alternatiba – the citizen mobilization movement on climate change – to around sixty intellectuals and artists. Together, around this project called “What if…”, they are trying to draw the outlines of what the world could look like if we chose not to “restart the machine as before”.

Through 28 themes, “feeding, traveling, living, sharing resources, learning, exchanging, consuming, living together…” authors and artists offer us their vision which is sometimes poetic, sometimes revolted for this world after. For each of these interpretations, Alternatiba proposes concrete actions to be implemented on its own scale in order to become an actor of change yourself.

On the project site you can discover all the proposals of which we have concocted a small selection. For each illustration, a portion of the accompanying text is provided here in order to better understand the ambitions, dreams and hopes of these thinker-dreamers. Presentation.

1 – Feed

Illustration – Étienne Davodeau

José Bové: “Let us imagine that, far from intensive agriculture with devastating impacts on the living conditions of peasants, health and the environment, we seek food sovereignty of the territories, favor a model of peasant and sustainable agriculture. , without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, agro-ecology, short circuits, and the preservation of agricultural land… ”(The full text is here)

2 – Produce

Illustration – Estelle Hocquet

Alternatiba: “The current globalized economy is a major emitter of greenhouse gases and a source of major inequalities. Imagine that we take advantage of this unprecedented period to put it in its place: to meet the real needs of the population! »(The full text is here)

3 – Work

Illustration – Chloé Nicolay

Dominique Méda: “Relocations to reduce costs, increase in precariousness, breakage of the pension system, loss of meaning: workers are the adjustment variable in a system which puts profits before lives.” Let us imagine that an ecological and social metamorphosis, as well as proactive reconversion policies, create millions of jobs, precisely paid, valued, not relocatable, in the service of the general interest. »(The full text is here)

4 – Inform

Illustration – Cyril Pedrosa

Daniel Schneidermann: “Let us imagine that everyone can sharpen their critical mind and become informed by having access to quality information, plural, and independent of the logic of the market …” (The full text is here)

5 – Treat

Illustration – Alexandra Petit

Hugo Huon: “The coronavirus pandemic which has hit the whole of humanity hard has revealed the fragility of our societies, and the capital importance of taking care of our health systems. Imagine that instead of dismantling it, we start by taking care of our public service. »(The full text is here)

6 – Protect

Illustration – Margo Roquelaure

Kévin Jean: “The coronavirus pandemic shows us how our destructive behavior towards ecosystems and biodiversity ends up turning against us, in this case by allowing the transmission of new diseases from animals to humans and their uncontrolled spread. . Imagine that we rethink both our relationship to nature and our relationship to global health… ”(The full text is here)

7 – Take care

Illustration – Margo Roquelaure

Mounia El Kotni: “The coronavirus crisis has shed light on the role of caregivers, caregivers, salespeople, cleaners – mostly women. Imagine that wages and social valuation are no longer indexed on the prestige of the function, but on its real social and ecological utility… ”(The full text is here)

8 – Rise

Illustration – Serge Bloch

Marie Desplechin: “Let us imagine that, from childhood, we all have the same chances to flourish, to make our choices, that we build ourselves within societies which recognize us as full-fledged actors and actresses and give us the means of self-fulfillment and collective construction. »(The full text is here)

9 – Connect

Illustration – Léonie Després

Alain Damasio: “Control of GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft), use of data, ultra-connectivity to the detriment of our local links, proliferation of polluting and energy-consuming data centers, injunction to immediacy: let’s imagine that other ways of working, of thinking about space, of creating conviviality put our digital uses back in their proper place… “(The full text is here)

10 – Living

Illustration – Gwenaël de Bonneval

Denis Lachaud: “Let us imagine that we rethink the way of inhabiting our territories: we would bring together places of residence, work, and public services, which would limit travel emitting greenhouse gases while recreating social ties. and improving our quality of life. In this new way of living, we would move towards sobriety and energy efficiency, we would develop renewable energies in the hands of citizens and thus put an end to fossil and nuclear energies, which pollute and are highly centralized. »(The full text is here)

Did these avenues of reflection appeal to you? Visit the “What if…” website to discover the entire project.

(All illustrations and texts have been reproduced with the kind permission of Alternatiba)