Coronavirus : Antoine Gallimard’s cry of distress

COVID-19 :

The bookstores feared it and finally the sentence fell: these businesses were deemed “non-essential” by the government. Antoine Gallimard, president of the editions to which he gave his name, launches a cry from the heart so that booksellers can also exercise their activity.

The anger of bookstores is great and for good reason, they are part of the businesses not authorized to open during this period of re-containment. Faced with this new government measure, the boss of Gallimard editions regretted that “we do not give a special fate to books”, because for him, they “have an enormous support role” in times of crisis.

At the microphone of France Culture, Antoine Gallimard explained to what extent this new measure endangered the survival of small businesses in the territory, especially in the face of the hegemony of large online sales companies (such as Amazon).

“The strength of the bookseller is that you walk into a bookstore to ask for a book, maybe he won’t have it, but in any case you are sure to come out with a book that he liked and with which he convinced you. “

A cry of distress that deserves to be heard.