The new coronavirus continues its upward curve in Latin America, while some governments announced measures to aid the most vulnerable and low-income people amid the advance of the pandemic.

The Ecuadorian authorities reported on Saturday that the number of those infected was 1,823, about 196 cases more than the previous day, and that deaths rose to 48. Ecuador is the second country in the region with the most cases reported so far, after Brazil, with about 3,477 and 93 dead, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, in Chile, 299 new cases were announced to total for the moment 1,909, as well as a new death, the sixth since the first positive was detected on March 3 in the South American country.

Of these, 1,084 cases are concentrated in the Metropolitan Region, detailed the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, in his daily press conference.

While in Argentina, the latest health report reported a much lower number of infected (690), but with a much higher death toll of 17.

The streets of the main Argentine cities woke up on Saturday again deserted as a result of a national quarantine, postcards that were partially repeated in some areas of Santiago, in Chile, where total isolation has also been imposed in some sectors of the city that concentrate the largest number of cases.

In Uruguay, the confirmed cases were 274, according to the Ministry of Health. This country in the Southern Cone is at the moment the only one that has not yet reported deaths from COVID-19, the disease that causes the new virus.

Paraguay, with 56 confirmed cases and three deaths, decided to extend a total quarantine until April 12, according to President Mario Abdo.

“After listening to the arguments of all sectors, I have decided to maintain total isolation until April 12. I ask everyone for more effort. Let’s continue in solidarity with our Health system ”, the governor tweeted.

On the third day of a mandatory quarantine, Colombian President Iván Duque announced vouchers of $ 100 for people over 70 and another of $ 60 for low-income families, so that they can purchase food. He stressed that more than 10 million Colombians would benefit from these emergency measures.

“Today we have to think not as individuals, but as a whole society that has to protect itself and be united in their homes and think about how to be supportive, and united we are going to face this turbulence such as the coronavirus,” said Duque in a message. to the country on radio and television on Friday night.

He added that during the third day of isolation, 3,783 Colombians were sanctioned with $ 300 for violating the quarantine.

The Health Minister, Fernando Ruiz, reported that the first 1,500 mechanical ventilators of the 7,500 that are intended to be purchased have already been purchased to stop the pandemic. He added that next week, with the support of various companies, they will deliver 14.5 million masks to distribute among the 12,000 hospitals and the population.

So far there are 539 cases of coronavirus in Colombia, 223 of them in the country’s capital, and six deaths.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the new coronavirus has already spread to more than 615,000 people and caused some 28,717 deaths worldwide.

In Latin America more than 11,000 cases are registered and the death toll exceeds 200.

In most patients, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that disappear within two to three weeks. In some cases, especially in older adults and people with previous illnesses, it can lead to more serious illnesses, such as pneumonia, and even death.



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