Coronavirus in Spain and the world | Outbreaks, data, cases and deaths from Covid, last minute live

COVID-19 | September 11 News of outbreaks, the second wave and measures against the pandemic

Coronavirus | All the news about the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain and the world

Are already more than 27.8 million people infected by coronavirus worldwide, according to data from John Hopkins University, while the number of deaths is already under one million.

In Spain, the Ministry of Health reported Thursday that Covid-19 has already left 29,699 dead and that there are 554,143 cases diagnosed in Spain since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. .

He newspaper ‘El Mundo’ reports that the occupancy rates for the month of August were, according to the Madrid Hotel Association, 17% compared to 65% for the same period in 2019.

He newspaper ‘El Mundo’ reports that the more advanced candidates, such as AstraZeneca, Moderna or Cansino are based on technologies without post-commercial experience. Your success may transform vaccinology, but it is challenging.

Donald Trump, president of the United States, remembers Spain once again when it comes to managing the coronavirus pandemic: “Spain is having a hard time and the United States has done much better than the European Union.” “In the last five weeks, per capita cases doubled in France, they went up more than 300% in Spain, a country I’ve been hearing about and I’ve been talking to some of the leaders in Spain, and they are having a hard time”, Trump said at a press conference held at the White House.

Parents and experts in child psychology defend the split schedule, which helps the development and coexistence between students. (All the information in the newspaper ‘El Mundo’).

San Lorenzo de Almagro suspended training and tested all players, the coaching staff and the “assistants” to detect coronavirus after the infection of the coach, Mariano Soso, and the forward Nicols ‘Uvita’ Fernndez. “Squad, technical corps and assistants of San Lorenzo underwent new PCR tests at the Bidegain stadium. The Cyclone will resume training this Friday from 9.00 am (12.00 GMT), in Ciudad Deportiva”, reported the club through the social networks.

The protocol for the resumption of non-professional state level competitions includes the recommendation of the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) of previous specific COVID-19 tests for athletes, and the option for federations to disqualify for non-compliance. The 30 pages of the document made public this Tuesday, which allows federations to also have their own “reinforcement protocol” to validate the CSD, include numerous rules for both training and competitions; as well as the requirements that the facilities, travel and accommodation of athletes and other related people must meet.

Tammy Chen, a renowned American prosthodontist, has published an article in ‘The New York Times’ that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic she has seen “more tooth fractures than in the last six years.” The reason? The tension and anxiety that confinement, the poor teleworking conditions and alarming information about the coronavirus have caused in people leads them to clench their teeth much more awake and asleep. “If you’re wondering why a dentist cares about ergonomics, the simple truth is that nerves in the muscles in the neck and shoulders lead to the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jaw to the skull. Poor posture during the day can translate into a grinding problem at night, “explains Chen.

He newspaper ‘El Mundo’ reports that the Government tests the social agents so that, if the ERTEs are extended, they consume unemployment time, which would start to run the counter to zero, which was highlighted as one of the advantages of this social protection shield against the pandemic. The proposal that the Ministry of Labor discussed yesterday with employers and unions introduces a new criterion that has set off alarm bells among social agents.

The Andorra Motorcyclist Federation (FMA) has received the approval of the Com de Sant Juli de Lria and the Ministries of Health of Culture and Sports of the Principality to organize a double scoring event for the ‘outdoor’ Trial World Championship, which It will take place from September 18 to 20 in Sant Juli de Lria. The main novelties related to the covid-19 protocol are the cancellation of the usual ‘indoor’ qualification area that took place on Saturday in front of the Germandat square, since this area meets quite a public. Another novelty is the return of the two days of competition, both Saturday and Sunday.