Coronavirus in Spain and the world | Outbreaks, data, cases and deaths from Covid, last minute live: Tuesday

COVID-19 | August 25 News of outbreaks, the second wave and measures against the pandemic

Coronavirus | All the news about the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain and the world.

Are already more than 23 million people infected by coronavirus worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, while the number of deaths has exceeded the figure of 809,000 deceased.

In Spain, the Ministry of Health reported this Monday that Covid-19 has already left 28,872 dead and that there are 405,436 diagnosed cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Spain adds 386,054 infections since the Covid pandemic began and today it has an accumulated incidence in the last 14 days of 152 infected per 100,000 inhabitants. The next European country in cases is the United Kingdom, with 324,601, and in proportion it is Malta, with 121. In both absolute and relative terms, there is not a country in all of Europe that is worse off than ours. He newspaper ‘El Mundo’ analyzes the why of this situation.

The Chinese National Health Commission reported 14 new cases of COVID-19 detected in the last 24 hours, all of them from abroad. China has not registered local infections for nine days.

He newspaper ‘El Mundo’ reports that each autonomous community is facing the second wave of the coronavirus differently. There is no single command to face the situation caused by the new coronavirus infections. Madrid, Catalua or Aragn are the regions most affected by outbreaks. Since Friday, Spain has touched 20,000 new coronavirus infections. Without specifying which ones, Fernando Simn has already warned. “If Madrid does not improve, we will have to take drastic measures.”

There is less and less to go back to school and far from obtaining clear answers, the concern of parents, teachers and educational centers is fueled. The situation has changed in a crucial way compared to June, when a minimum protocol for action was established. Infections have skyrocketed and uncertainty in these circumstances continues to increase. He newspaper ‘El Mundo’ informs that despite the request for common criteria, the Ministry of Education insists that it is the competence of the regional councilors

The second wave of coronavirus infections continues to grow, and with it the concern of the autonomous governments at the lack of a legal framework that facilitates, clarifies and even coordinates their radius of action. There is a coincidence between the autonomous governments of the PSOE and the PP consulted this Monday by the newspaper ‘El Mundo’.