Coronavirus in the United States: the three former presidents agree to be vaccinated – .

The three former presidents of the United States have pledged to be vaccinated against the coronavirus while 42% of Americans said in a poll that they would not do so.

Lead by example

Almost half of the American population is reluctant to get vaccinated against coronavirus. This is the result of a poll conducted by Gallup in mid-November. This portion of the population would not do so even if the vaccine was available immediately and at no cost. Faced with this doubt that invades the Americans, the three former presidents of United States want to lead by example. Indeed, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are committed to getting vaccinated against Covid-19. They are even willing to do it on TV to prove to their compatriots that the vaccine is safe and that they trust.

Do it in front of the camera

On the strength of this commitment, Barack Obama affirmed that he would vaccine as soon as it becomes available to people “which are less at risk”. “I’m ready to do it on TV, to have it filmed, just so people know I trust science. What I don’t trust is getting Covid.”, let go of the 44th president of United States on the words taken up by RTL. Freddy Ford, chief of staff to George W. Bush, for his part said that President Bush will line up to be vaccinated once priority populations have been taken care of. Finally, Angel Urena, press secretary for Bill Clinton told CNN that he also agreed to be filmed during his vaccine. “President Clinton will certainly take a vaccine as soon as it becomes available, and he will do so in a public setting if it helps inspire all Americans to do the same.”, he stressed.

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