Coronavirus: new restrictions considered in Germany – .

In the past 24 hours, 590 deaths linked to Covid-19 have been recorded in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel has therefore called for new restrictive measures.

An upsurge in the pandemic

TheGermany is strongly affected by the pandemic of coronavirus. Indeed, 590 people succumbed to this disease in 24 hours. Wednesday December 9, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, called for new restrictions until mid-January across the country, since so far existing measures remain insufficient.

The number of contacts too high

In front of the Chamber of Deputies, the Chancellor spoke out in favor of the introduction of new health measures to limit the spread of Covid-19, France Info note. “The number of person-to-person contacts is too high, the reduction in the number of contacts is insufficient“, she announced.


Angela Merkel considered that the proposals of a group of experts are justified. The latter have effectively aimed at the closure of all non-food stores, at the latest between Christmas and mid-January, as well as schools in particular.
It therefore considered that this measure would reduce “at least“the contacts by evoking the possibility of bringing forward the start of the school holidays.

Rare situation

During his speech, Angela Merkel came out of its gongs in front of the elect. A very rare fact commented on by German actress Samira El Oassil. “I think I’ve never seen Merkel in such an emotional speech, a desperate appeal to sanity“, she confided.

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