Coronavirus symptoms last more than six weeks in one in three infected patients

A study by Swiss scientists published on Tuesday concluded that COVID-19 symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell they can last more than six weeks in one in three cases.

UCI Covid de Valdecilla

The scientists from the University of Geneva and other institutions followed the evolution of the disease in 669 people with COVID-19, of whom a third reported symptoms after the sixth week, including patients who did not belong to risk groups for contracting a severe form of the disease.

According to experts, this high percentage underscores the need for awareness and information campaigns, also aimed at companies and insurance companies, so that it is taken into account that people who are not at risk can be ill for a long period, in which they can also infect others.

The most common long-term symptoms are fatigue, followed by respiratory failure, loss of smell and taste, and to a lesser extent persistent cough and headaches, according to the study.

“Many patients are concerned how long your symptoms will last and if some are chronic, but since we do not have a clear medical answer, it is important to accompany these patients and listen to them, “said Mayssam Nehme, one of the scientists from the Geneva university.

The University of Geneva explained that a study of the evolution of patients in the longer term (three, seven and twelve months after contracting the virus) is still underway to better understand the long-term consequences of COVID-19.

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