Coronavirus: the WHO team arrived in Wuhan to investigate the epidemic (photos)

Two experts from the WHO team responsible for investigating the origin of the coronavirus, however, are stranded in Singapore for covid tests.

LThe World Health Organization (WHO) team of experts responsible for investigating the origin of the coronavirus arrived in China in Wuhan on Thursday, the cradle of the epidemic, according to live television footage CGTN public.

Two members stranded in Singapore

Two of the team’s experts are still in Singapore to redo Covid tests.

“The international team of 13 scientists tasked with examining the origins of the virus that causes # Covid19 arrived in Wuhan, China, today,” the WHO said in a tweet. But “two scientists are still in #Singapore carrying out tests for # Covid19,” she added.

She explained that “all members of the team underwent several PCR tests and antibody tests negative for Covid-19 in their country of origin before leaving on the trip”.

However, the international agency said, two of the members tested positive for IgM (immunoglobulin M) antibodies, a form of antibody that the body develops in response to the virus.

Delicate background

This visit is ultra-sensitive for Beijing, anxious to avoid any responsibility for the epidemic which has killed nearly two million people around the world. Originally scheduled last week, it was canceled at the last minute for lack of all the necessary permissions for the team. Experts are subject to a quarantine of two weeks upon arrival.

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