Coronavirus: these destinations that are not in the red zone

Travel is still possible under certain conditions to certain regions.

DFrom Germany to Uruguay via New Zealand or Italy, many destinations are classified in the red zone. Travel there is strictly discouraged by the Belgian authorities or some of these countries do not admit travelers from Belgium.

However, trips are still possible under certain conditions to the following destinations:

-South Korea (mandatory test and quarantine)

-Spain (compulsory test)

-Ireland (quarantine required)

-Iceland (compulsory tests and / or quarantine)

-Norway (compulsory test and quarantine)

-United Kingdom (quarantine)

-Rwanda (compulsory test and quarantine)

Increased vigilance is required for:

-in Spain, the islands of Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Lanzarote and El Hierro (autonomous community of the Canary Islands)



-in Norway, the regions of Trøndelag, Vestlandet, Northern Norway, Agder and Southeast Norway, Innlandet

-in the United Kingdom, the English counties of Dorset and Somerset, the Highlands and Islands region in Scotland.

The details of the recommendations can be found on the Foreign Affairs website.

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