Coronavirus: United Arab Emirates agree to Chinese vaccine for Sinopharm – .

The United Arab Emirates have confirmed 86% of the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine produced by Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm.

The officially registered vaccine

The vaccine against the coronavirus produced by Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm has received approval from the United Arab Emirates. They claimed that it was 86% effective given the findings of the phase III analyzes. Without giving further details, the UAE Ministry of Health “announced the official registration” vaccine, the state-run WAM news agency noted. This vaccine has already been used urgently with health workers in September after having been the subject of phase III trials in the country since July.

100% efficiency for the prevention of severe cases

According to the WAM agency cited by Le Figaro, this advert “represents an important vote of confidence by health authorities in the United Arab Emirates in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. The results of the analysis also revealed a seroconversion rate (change from seronegative to seropositive) of 99% of the vaccine for neutralizing antibodies. In the process, an efficiency of 100% was recorded for the prevention of severe and moderate cases of the disease, the news agency continued. Finally, no serious security concerns were raised.

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