Coronavirus : VIDEO. She challenges the management of the re-containment by dancing on the shelves of a supermarket

COVID-19 :

Dressed in a black tutu bearing the inscription “I am non-essential”, the dancer Amandine Aguilar delivered an unusual ballet through the shelves of a supermarket. The goal? Denounce the unfairness of the measures concerning cultural professionals. Light on this opposition while originality.

Culture is at a standstill and sports and artistic activities are not allowed, which prevents Amandine from practicing her profession. Like thousands of people in France, this classical dance teacher who teaches in Sausset-les-Pin, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, is revolted by the restrictions linked to Covid-19.

She particularly contests the inconsistency of the measures concerning the maintenance of extracurricular activities, while extra-curricular activities are prohibited, as she explains at the microphone of France 3: “My husband is a teacher and the extracurricular welcomes more students than us, it is still an illogical decision. “

As a sign of protest, the ballerina had an original idea: put on her pointe shoes, her leotard and her black tutu in order to deliver a committed performance in a supermarket in Marignane. Under the curious gaze of customers, Amandine did a series of jumps and pirouettes between the departments considered “non-essential.” “

“I am not questioning the confinement. I put my finger, only on the absurdity of the management of it. Director of an artistic association, I suffered two administrative closures. I can’t see the end of the tunnel. I am a depressed and confined artist. “

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“Our job brings happiness and makes life more beautiful. Isn’t it essential to make people happy? Here are the teacher’s inspiring words. A petition to say “No to the death of dance schools” has been launched on the web. Today, it collects more than 3,200 signatures.

Proof that dance is indeed a weapon of resistance.