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In pets, the manifestations of the disease are usually similar to those of humans Source: Archive

Researchers from the National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE) and the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of La Plata (UNLP) detected the presence of Covid-19 in animals but they clarified that although they can « acquire the disease through humans » they « They don’t pass it on to people. »

The coronavirus-positive animals that were studied presented human-like symptoms with this disease, for which the specialists advised that with pets you have to maintain the same preventive care, with social distancing, hygiene and use of a chinstrap.

The veterinarian and co-director of the research project David Di Lullo indicated that the animals studied are part of the entire north of Argentina and « the symptoms are very similar to that of humans with the virus.

«There is a very large percentage of asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms such as light-headedness, fever, lack of appetite for 12 or 24 hours« , said.

And, he explained that «Those animals that present symptoms are generally because they are associated with a pre-existing disease or comorbidity, In other words, a disease that was already in the animal and that complicates the picture, but the vast majority are asymptomatic and successfully carry the disease.

«In other words, they reach convalescence and they regain optimal health ”, clarified.

When asked about how pets can be cared for, Di Lullo said that the same care that people have, « such as social distancing, the use of a chinstrap or masks » should be maintained in front of them.

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