Coronavirus: WHO is against compulsory vaccination – .

Even if the World Health Organization considers that the arrival of vaccines against Covid-19 is “good news”, it is not in favor of the obligation to be vaccinated.

Better to explain the “benefits “ vaccines than to impose them

While vaccines against the coronavirus could soon be on the market, several countries are already preparing their strategy for mass vaccination campaigns. TheWorld Health Organization is delighted with the evolution of research in the face of this health crisis. Monday, December 7, she issued her recommendations.

Michael Ryan, the director of health emergency issues at theWHO, indicated that the arrival of vaccines is “good news”. On the other hand, he is against making them compulsory. It is preferable, according to him, to privilege the pedagogy to better explain the “benefits” vaccination.

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“Prioritize those who need it most”

For’WHO, the vaccines should only be mandatory in specific circumstances. They should be recommended a priori to health workers and those most exposed to Covid-19.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the managing director of theWorld Health Organization, asked countries considering “to deploy vaccines in the weeks and months to come” to prioritize “those who need it most”. Number of vaccines will indeed be limited at first, according to him.

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