Coronavirus : without filter, Nora Hamzawi sums up the health crisis

COVID-19 :

Between derision and intimate, Nora Hamzawi describes everyday life as nobody. And in this anxiety-provoking period, our confined routine in turn deserves to be analyzed. Without filter and with a lot of humor, the columnist delivers a revealing speech on the health crisis.

Nora Hamzawi no longer understands anything about Covid-19, and that can be understood. Exponential speed of propagation, reduced or non-existent social bubble, inconsistent health measures and collective decline in morale, the year 2020 does indeed look like a bad dream.

In his morning column on France Inter, the comedian points to this gloomy time and exacerbates the questions about the Coronavirus pandemic. A hard-hitting way of saying out loud what everyone else is thinking.

“I hated the contactless before, but then there, it symbolizes all the loneliness that we are going through and the worst thing is that it was created before the problem. We wanted so much to save time, we didn’t know how much we were going to lose. “

One thing is certain, these crying words of truth will speak to more than one person …

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