With the declaration of pandemic of coronavirus, various actions have had to be implemented so that workers are not affected by the decrease his activities labor during the different stages of the contingency.

For this reason, it was published today in the Official Journal of the Federation the agreement through which preventive measures are established to be implemented for the mitigation and control of health risks that implies the disease by the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19).

Pregnant women fall into the vulnerable group. Photo: Pixabay

The document indicates that civil, military and private authorities, as well as the dependencies and entities of the three orders of government, will be obliged to implement it.

In its second article, the agreement establishes the following:

What should avoid assistance to workplaces, public spaces and other crowded places, to adults over 65 years of age and over and groups of people at risk of developing serious disease and / or dying from it, who at all times, where appropriate , Y by way of leave with pay, they will receive their wages and else established benefits in the current regulations.

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These vulnerability groups include pregnant or lactating women, under 5 years old, people with disabilitypeople with chronic noncommunicable diseases (people with high blood pressure, lung, kidney failure, lupus, cancer, diabetes mellitus, obesity, liver or metabolic failure, heart disease), or with any disease or pharmacological treatment that causes suppression of the immune system.

On the other hand, the obligation to temporarily suspend school activities at all levels is indicated, until April 17, 2020, as established by the Ministry of Public Education.

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Likewise, those activities of the public, social and private sectors that involve the physical concentration, transit or displacement of people must be temporarily suspended from the entry into force of the Agreement and until April 19, 2020.

With respect to the private sector, companies, businesses, commercial establishments and all those that are necessary to face the contingency will continue to work, including, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, medical, financial, telecommunications, and means of information, hotel and restaurant services, gas stations, markets, supermarkets, miscellaneous, transport services and gas distribution, as long as they do not correspond to closed spaces with crowds.

In addition, labor relations will be maintained and applied in accordance with the individual, collective contracts, law contracts or General Conditions of Work that correspond, during the period referred to in this Agreement and under the protection of the Federal Labor Law and the Federal Law. of the Workers to the Service of the State, regulation of Section B of the Constitutional Article 123.


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