Cosplayer makes a female version of Goku in which even the hair looks identical to the Saiyan

It is not easy to cosplay Goku. The hair is the most complex to imitate in the interpretations of the most important hero that the entire Dragon Ball franchise has.

The way in which the character’s hair is styled, with some points up and another round part, makes it impossible for this to happen naturally. It is something never seen before in normal people.

Other characters like Bulma, Android 18, Gohan and even Krillin with his bald hair, are easier to perform.

But there is a model and cosplayer on social networks who has managed to solve this problem, without the need for a wig. With the same hair of hers, the shape of Goku’s style was made in order to complete a perfect interpretation of the iconic Dragon Ball character.

Goku’s cosplay in Dragon Ball Z

The cosplayer can be found on social media like CheHeaven. More than 29 thousand followers on his Instagram certify that his content attracts the following public of Geek culture. In its feed we find different tributes to characters from other animes or universes such as that of the publishing house, DC Comics.

For this one, Goku managed to get the outfit that the Saiyan has been wearing since he entered Dragon Ball Z, when he is already an adult, which includes the orange suit with the blue shirt.

The only bad thing about CheHeaven is that in his publication he confesses that he does not like Dragon Ball, but he made Goku because of the number of followers who asked him for a tribute to the mythical Saiyan warrior.