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The retail market has had to adopt new sales models, clearly influenced by digital, an area of ​​great weight in the way we shop.

The ability of electronic commerce has imposed a series of references that today have defined the work of stores.

Stores like Costco are at a key moment in which it is important to define increasingly relevant activities in the market

The traditional store model has ended and with it, new e-commerce benchmarks have been established, which remind us of what consumers value today, which are new alternatives like those that Costco is testing.

Something that stores of any category or model agree on is that today’s consumer has become accustomed to finding a product in all existing channels.

That is why this dumbbell has been made between traditional store and electronic commerce, making the most of the resources available to the physical point of sale, to thereby design an offer that has no waste, due to the interest it arouses in the consumer.

The new hybrid model of stores like Costco

Stores that have had to adapt to the new trend that makes the most of their commercial resources, have patented a trend that is not wasted today.

We have just seen this with Costco, which has made what can be described as the largest update in its history, because now it will allow you to place your order online on a catalog of 2,000 products of all those it offers.

When you place your order for all this extensive catalog that the store has opened, the brand will now give you the option of collecting it from purchases over 100 dollars and for this service you will have to pay 10 dollars.

Although the service is being tested in the United States, two elements are important in this new sales model that it has. The first is that the store relaxes its strict physical sales model. The second goes hand in hand with this adjustment and is that the store charges $ 10 for each order, as it ensures that the low price strategy is based on paying at the cash desk in its stores, second, it charges this extra figure because it has a limited structure to offer this service.

Stores adapting to the new model

Various stores are adapting to the new business model and many of them have caused real surprises due to the proposals they have launched.

We have seen the best example with Oxxo, after the store has established a home delivery service where it brings consumers closer to the products of the stores near their homes.

This system is somewhat similar to the strategy of stores like Domino’s, which bring the consumer closer to the nearest branch.

Another similar case that we have seen occurred with Liverpool, after this department store is one of the first in Mexico, which has managed to exploit all its commercial channels.

Electronic commerce in numbers

The main sales vehicle today is e-commerce and it is because it has become a showcase for many stores within consumers’ homes.

Electronic commerce has played a key role in today’s consumption, especially within the health contingency that we are experiencing.

Within a study by the Mexican Association of Online Sales and Netquest, the main reasons for buying online during the health contingency in Mexico were noted.

The first one is because they did not want to leave the house, second, they sought to avoid crowds in physical stores; third, because more promotions and discounts were found on the internet.

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