Could Christian Chávez have HIV?

Is Christian Chávez returning to telenovelas on Telemundo?


Christian Chávez joins Telemundo in his new melodrama.

The Mexican actor and singer, Christian Chávez, a former member of the RBD group, is once again in the eye of the hurricane, this time because unconfirmed rumors of his possible infection with the acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) return, with which the The interpreter would have lived since before 2016, when the magazine TVNotas published this information, including his constant contact with sex workers, to whom he allegedly offered money to have unprotected relationships.

Today, a former sex worker, known by the name of “Josh”, revealed that he lives with HIV and that it was Chávez who infected him, so he is willing to initiate a legal process against the interpreter, since having sex without Protection, knowing that you are infected with HIV and could threaten the health of your partner, is a crime severely punishable by law in the United States, more specifically the state of California, where the 35-year-old resides, who assured in an interview to TVNotas, having met Chávez “by chance”.

In this interview, Josh explained in detail why he assures that it would have been Christian who infected him, indicating that he has only had unprotected sex three times, making sure of the status of his other partners but not that of Christian, who, according to At his interview, he constantly consumes drugs, and on one occasion he paid with them:

“The first time we didn’t go into the house, we went up to a terrace. He told me he had ‘sweets’ (drugs) to have a better time, he offered me some and I accepted to break the ice; Well, he was already party. ” Josh said about his meeting with former RBD Christian Chávez, according to the TVNotas interview.

Maico Kemper also returned to the fore

Last May, Maico Kemper, Christian Chávez’s ex-boyfriend, gave an exclusive interview to the Mexican magazine TVNotas to talk about the incident in which he allegedly suffered domestic violence by the former RBD in April at his residence in Mexico City. In the Kemper publication, he assured that Chávez threatened him several times with suicide if he tried to end their love relationship.

“He threatened to commit suicide, twice he sat on the roof and wanted to jump, in front of me. The second time it happened, I called my friend on Facetime, she saw everything, “Kemper said, referring to Christian Chávez’s suicide attempts.

The Dutch stylist went on to mention that he was motivated to talk about the incident with Chávez, since he does not want anyone to go through something similar: “What happened to me is unacceptable, it is not right to attack someone, manipulate them and control every aspect of his life. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else in the future, that’s the only reason I told my story. “

Josh contacted Kemper

Josh, assured TVNotas, that after learning about the notorious dispute between Christian and his ex-partner, he decided to locate Kemper through social networks, and revealed that it was precisely he who assured him that Chávez, indeed, has HIV, and that it was he who was going to find her the medicines so that the media would not find out about the star’s condition.

Still Christian, who is in Miami, Florida, recording the telenovela La Suerte de Loli, from the Telemundo network, has not commented on the matter, but when we have an answer to the accusations, we will let you know.

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