Could Daniella Álvarez lose her right foot now?

Daniella Álvarez - former Miss Colombia 2012

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Daniella Álvarez – former Miss Colombia 2012

After almost six months after the former Miss Colombia 2012, Daniella Álvarez had her left leg amputated in June, from the knee down, due to the detection of an ischemia (mass) in the abdomen causing the loss of her left leg, now the Barranquilla has shared through her social networks that she will have to face a new battle, this time, with her right foot, since it “will not work again according to the medical results.”

The Colombian has been developing her life as normal as possible, facing daily tasks and activities of anyone’s life, such as swimming, dancing, riding a bicycle and even driving. After several months of recovery, Daniella Álvarez underwent a medical examination called electromyography, which was performed to find out the health of her muscles and nerve cells in her right foot.

According to what Daniella’s doctors said, the tests had shown damage, apparently irreversible.

“The time has come to tell you. I had a test called an electromyography. After the ischemia, which took my left foot, my right foot was in very good condition, but it was not functional at that time and the doctors told me that, with therapies, with currents and with exercises, the safest thing is that it will was to recover ”, said the former Miss Colombia.

The Colombian model and businesswoman continued to report in the video that she had a fairly serious injury from the knee down. “I had the electromyography and it showed that I had a very serious injury from the knee down and I went to my doctor and said that the tibia and fibula nerve were completely damaged. The ischemia affected them in its maximum expression ”.

What will happen to Daniella’s right foot?

According to Álvarez’s words, she assures that in order to maintain the mobility of her foot in different directions, she will have to continue using the splint, since the nerve between the tibia and the fibula was completely damaged and this is it. the one in charge of moving the foot in all directions.

However, the Colombian was very calm after receiving this news, which was quite difficult for her family, especially for her mother. Daniella said that the doctors informed her that over the years, it will be the same body which will develop a kind of muscles that will help her move her foot a little more. Although the same presented, said that she had the hope that her leg would recover at least 80%, she affirmed that she was happy and that she will continue with the rehabilitations together with her loved ones who are the ones who have given by her side throughout this process. , day by day, helping her.

“Things are as they are and not as we would like them to be. This is the reality of life, but only when we believe in God, have Faith and Hope, do we understand that everything happens for something. I am happy and calm because every day when I get up I decide to feel that way, because I am sure of my abilities and I know that I will go back to walking, dancing and doing sports because for God there is nothing impossible and He never abandons me ”, added the presenter.

Below you can see the full video of Daniella’s statement.

After disclosing this information, currently the former queen, shared a message through her social networks, where she once again showed her resilience and gratitude for life.

“Today, December 7, I have so many wishes and so many candles to light 🕯, but more than anything else, I am grateful and happy to be here to continue enjoying, dreaming and sharing with those I love amo.”

In March of this year, Daniella Álvarez made the news in all the national and international media, after it was known that a small tumor was operated very close to the aorta, an artery that was affected, for which she had to be subjected to various surgeries, until on June 13 he had to amputate part of his left leg, to save his life and keep his health stable.

After these two news that have shocked the country, many people have highlighted her strength, courage and inspiring power since she began to go through this series of difficulties to which Daniella has always placed a lot of positivism and will.

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