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Could Kimberly Loaiza be done

Could Kimberly Loaiza make “arrangements” when giving birth | Instagram

The interpreter of “Bye bye” Kimberly Loaiza shared a video in which her intention to undergo certain aesthetic arrangements could be interpreted, perhaps when she gives birth to her second child, whose date is close. pregnancy that she has enjoyed a lot and she admits it herself.

Excited by the growth of her family, the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja has managed to maintain the perfect balance between her family and her career which has been growing exponentially in a short period of time, the same as the media and others influencers have more than surprised.

Known as La Lindura Mayor because of her affectionate admirers she calls “Linduras”, Kimberly loaiza She is an influencer loved by millions but at the same time hated by others.

The 23-year-old young influencer has constantly managed to find a way to attract the attention of her fans, there is no doubt that Kimberly Loaiza knows her followers very well, who constantly show her how much they love her, affection that is definitely reciprocal since both she al Just as her fans let her know, she in their publications and they by their comments of support and affection in the comment box of each of the publications she makes Kimberly loaiza.

He recently shared on his account Tiktok where a video is quite active that for many was more than funny because it could be interpreted as their desire to undergo certain aesthetic arrangements that a woman has dreamed of on more than one occasion.

Although they doubt it, I have nothing of silicon, FOR NOW, “he wrote in the publication.

It is more than clear that it is just a joke on his part, however the “For now” that he wrote draws a lot of attention, it may be that he is indeed thinking in the future to make some change in his physique or he simply likes to keep his fans attentive to everything he does and shares.

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Many of his admirers seriously wonder if what he has been saying is true, some tell him that he should not because as he is, he looks the most beautiful, however it should be remembered that Kimberly loaiza He has already undergone some operations, including a bichectomy and rhinoplasty.

Currently it is something normal that both men and women, whether they are part of the show business or do not tend to make some arrangements, some of them are not so notorious, only some experts manage to identify them, so in the event that La Lindura Mayor decided doing so would be normal.

In the event that you decide to do so, it is sure that your followers support you at all times, just as they do with each of your projects and decisions.

Every day that passes Kimberly Loaiza becomes more famous at least on Tiktok she is already a celebrity with 35 million followers, in just one year, so far the young singer holds the 15th place of the top 50 worldwide surely This figure will continue to increase as the months go by.

Something that her fans are very eager to know is the name of her little one who will be born within the last week of February or the first of March as they shared it in the last ultrasound video when Kima her daughter met her for the first time. little brother.

As is customary in the couple, they will not share the news of the birth right away, it is sure that they take their time to enjoy the baby and plan something that their fans will like who are more than excited.

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