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The robotic style of the French duo, both in sound and appearance, parted ways after 28 years.

After 28 years making original music Daft punk has decided to separate. Its excellent productions and original appearance will always be part of popular culture. The duo made up of French musicians Thomas bangalter Y Guy-Manuel de Homem-ChristoIn keeping with their faithful original style, they posted a video on social media to announce the separation.

In the material shared on his channel Youtube appear with their iconic robotic helmets. The same ones who always accompanied them as every public appearance, without fail, from the beginning. So when asked if the guys at Daft Punk could see with their helmets on, the answer is yes.

Were the Daft Punk helmets comfortable?

Now were you comfortable? surely the answer is also yes. For the design of these robotic helmets, the guys at Daft Punk invested good money hiring professional people.

The musical duo’s helmets were designed by Thomas Gardner in the mid-1990s. This character worked as a makeup and special effects designer on different Hollywood feature films. Among the most prominent are The Addams Family and one of the Chucky movies.

So the helmets the Daft Punk musicians were wearing were probably quite comfortable. With a great visual and suitable so that they do not disturb each concert, awards presentation or any public appearance that may occur to them.

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