Councilor for Podemos denounces micromachismo during a plenary session for air conditioning

The mayor urged to settle the issue by turning off the air to “sweat equally”

Frame during the session of the municipal plenary session

During the plenary session of the Alicante City Council held this Friday, the councilor of Unidas Podemos, Vanesa Romero, He saw it necessary to emphasize a fact to make those present see an issue that he considered pressing. The main problem was in the temperature of the room by the air conditioning, which supposes a micromachismo in the words of the spokeswoman for Podemos.

This fact raised the gaze of those present in the room, amazed at the reaction of Rosemary. “Before starting my intervention I wanted to make a small note. Here we are also frozen cold. This is called micromachism. “

According to reports Rosemary, the established standards for temperature were based on the constitution of a man around 40 years old. “Maybe it is time to update it.”

Given these statements, the mayor, Luis Barcala, seemed not to understand his words, so Rosemary I decided to qualify assuring that when they are going cold, it is a micromachismo. The councilor decided to record this previously, because later the PlCorporation Equality Year.

While the reaction of the majority of the aediles was incredulity and before such a situation they seemed to be unsure of how to act, the alderman decided to end the issue in question indicating that “We turn off the air and sweat equally.”