Counter Strike Global Offensive eliminates bots from competitive mode and divides the community – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The latest CS GO update has sparked a debate among users of Valve’s free-to-play game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the benchmarks in the world of esports and the landscape of competitive video games. It has been for years, and yet Valve continues to update the game with new options through updates. One of the latter includes major changes that have divided the broad shooter community.

Specifically, those responsible for the game have chosen remove bots from competitive CS GO modes. In this way, if a teammate leaves the game or moves away from the keyboard (which is known as AFK) there will not be an AI to replace him and the team can be outnumbered, being a fact that can influence development of the game. Until now, bots made up for these absences.

The new update has not liked much of the communityAmong the patch notes they also indicate that if an entire team leaves the game, they will be replaced by a single bot. Although that should not be a problem for the opponents. The gaming community has mixed sensations with this change added in the new update, and there are those who suggest that another solution could have been taken. There are polarized opinions on this.

One of the reasons why this change has been made because sometimes the worst player on the team is kicked out to use bots instead. Remember that CS GO is available free-to-play.

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