Since I signed for the Barcelona a little over 2 years ago, the sports career of Coutinho has braked dry paradoxically. The Brazilian was a total star in Liverpool but since its landing in Barcelona He has not been able to perform anywhere near as he did on the team led by Klopp.

Last summer the azulgrana gave it to the Bayern Munich to see if he recovered his best version there, and although he has given Recovery symptoms in the Bundesliga, still missing. However, Coutinho still has margin to be one of the best players of the world.

The Brazilian He is 28 years old. It is in full maturity of his sports career and he always showed that he had high quality with the ball in the foot. Quality is something that, unlike speed or endurance, it is not lost over the years. The one who had retained, and Coutinho still has time to shut up and show that he can be a player really differential, as it was in Liverpool.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo every day they are closer to withdrawal. At 33 and 35 years old, in no time there will be players who will have to take over as stars of the panorama world soccer. Because of his playing style, Coutinho can be one of those called to do it together with the Neymar, Hazard or Mbappé.

You need a change of attitude in the Brazilian, and even an adaptation to new positions on the pitch. However, the potential it has more than proved that it does. In the next market it will be Barcelona’s decision if they are willing to bet for him or they will let him go.