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A doctor who worked for a non-governmental organization that cares for patients with diseases related to kidney failure in El Crucero, Managua, died on Thursday night, May 21, when he entered the emergency area of ​​the Rivas hospital with symptoms similar to Covid- 19, as confirmed by family members.

Luis Ángel Ocampo Donair, 32, was the son of the renowned forensic doctor of Rivas, Luis Ocampo Jara, who confirmed to LA PRENSA that the death was recorded at 6:15 in the afternoon.

“My son died at that time when he was arriving at the emergency area and out of responsibility, we accepted the disposition to carry out the funeral immediately, so as not to expose anyone, since due to the affection that citizens have for us, they could move to our house to show solidarity and show condolences ”, explained Ocampo Jara, very affected by the loss.

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He revealed that his son graduated as a surgeon from the Catholic University (Unica) and that for months he had been collaborating with the organization to assist nephrotic and kidney failure patients who live in various communities in the municipality of El Crucero.

He explained that the organization also sent him to Italy to follow up on kidney donors and to join the work they do with patients from communities in Haiti and Guatemala, since he had recently specialized in toxicology.

With Covid-19 symptoms

He explained that his son suffered from asthma and that seven days ago he began to feel symptoms similar to Covid-19 and that he decided to move from Managua to Rivas so that “I will give him personal attention and I provided the indicated treatment for these cases, since I I noticed tired. He did not want to go to the hospital, ”revealed Dr. Ocampo.

He said that in the afternoon, his brothers managed to convince him to go to the hospital, after realizing that his health condition was complicated, but when they reached the ramp of the emergency entrance, he surrendered to death.

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The doctor lived in Managua and his new goal was to obtain a specialty in imaging, according to statements from his father. “For us it is a hard blow, those who knew him held him in high esteem. He was a man of great values ​​and Christian principles and we appreciate all the shows of solidarity that have been spectacular, ”said the coroner.

Likewise, he recommended equipping the medical personnel who attend the hospital in Rivera with better protection equipment, since he pointed out that when he arrived with his son, he noticed that they lack the necessary articles to attend cases of Covid-19, which exposes them to contagion. .