Coronavirus —

The councilor of Bildu in the Gipuzkoan town of Beasain, Maddi Imaz, has been denounced by the Ertzaintza and has been forced to resign after participating in a mass dance with which dozens of young people celebrated last night the beginning of the local festivals even though they had been suspended by the Town Hall.

The decision to postpone the parties had been taken a month in advance by the consistory due to the restrictions decreed on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a security measure against the coronavirus.

In fact, last Thursday the City Council released a statement in which it urged residents to “respond to the current situation with respect and high-mindedness” and warned them that “The suspense of the festivities was a decision made to especially prevent the riots and the crowds that spread the virus. “

The letter also reminded the Beasaindarras that “the state of alarm is maintained”, that “the rules issued by the authorities continue to be in force” and that, therefore, “it remains the responsibility of all to comply with them”.

Despite this, last night dozens of young people, among whom was the mayor of Bildu, decided, in the words of the mayor, Aitor Aldasoro (PNV), make “your private party” without respecting the distances nor the security measures established to prevent the virus from spreading.

An act that, in his opinion, “he has no name” and that made him feel “other people’s shame” for this group of neighbors who were not “aware of the situation in which we live” and “of the effort being made” by the rest of the population “to get out of this”.

The images of the dance, in which you see dozens of young people circling around a lamppost to which a person who is acclaimed by the participants climbs, they spread quickly through social networks.

According to the Basque Department of Security, the facts they were a “punctual” act that took place around 10 pm in a square in the aforementioned locality, although when the Basque police patrols came to the place, the youth “were dissolving.”

However, the Ertzaintza opened an administrative and sanctioning file to examine the images and determine if he could identify any of them, after which this afternoon he denounced the mayor of EH Bildu for “non-compliance” with the state of alarm.

At the same time, the councilor transferred her resignation to the sovereignist coalition in a letter in which asked for “forgiveness” from the people of Beasain and he acknowledged having behaved “irresponsibly.”

In another statement, Bildu de Beasain dismissed as “inadmissible” the behavior of the mayor, He maintained that what happened “cannot be repeated” and considered the resignation of his representative “good”.

After learning the facts, the Board of Spokespersons of the City of Beasain held a meeting in which Bildu informed the mayor of the resignation of his councilor and it was decided to “intensify” the surveillance on these dates, as well as to issue an institutional declaration calling the “responsibility” of the neighbors in the coming days.