Coronavirus —

A group of activists has displayed this afternoon before the PSOE headquarters on Calle Ferraz in Madrid a large banner, almost 10 meters long, with the slogan «Death, lies, misery and censorship. Vote PSOE. Experience Venezuela«. The poster also alludes to “State of alarm”, the YouTube program presented by the journalist Javier Negre, In collaboration with Carlos Cuesta.

Some residents of Ferraz street, indignant with the current situation, have given the property to develop this proposal. The banner was unfolded shortly before 9 p.m., while several protesters participated in the traditional pan sauce and chanted cries of «Government resignation!»In the vicinity of the socialist headquarters.

The promoters of the protest thus want to denounce the lies of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, who first concealed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, to celebrate the mass demonstrations of 8M as a great propaganda act, and then he has tried to make up the death toll, refusing to count the more than 20,000 deceased in nursing homes.

They also warn that the Government uses the state of alarm to curtail citizens’ freedoms and that its erroneous policies are going to shoot up unemployment figures and the damage of the health crisis to the economy.

During the last week, Ferraz street in Madrid has become one of the main scenes of the citizen protests that demand the resignation of the Pedro Sánchez government for its disastrous management of the coronavirus crisis. Under the orders of Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, until now the Police have limited themselves to watching to prevent public disorders from occurring.

Unlike what happened in Galapagar, where the Civil Guard has cut the street where Vice President Pablo Iglesias lives and has forbidden to place Spanish flags.