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Juan Marín, Vice President of the Andalusian Government, he recalled on Twitter “The permanent unreason of the Sánchez government”, which “only creates uncertainty and despises the work of thousands of entrepreneurs for years. Spain will begin to compete in tourism a month later than other countries ». “The consequences will be devastating”concludes.

Juan Marín This Saturday, after hearing the appearance of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, at a press conference, he considered that “it has been demonstrated that there was not a single sanitary criterion” to decide that the provinces of Malaga and Granada remain next week in Phase 1 of the de-escalation, while the rest of the Andalusian provinces will advance to Phase 2.

Juan Marín has spoken in this way after the Prime Minister defended questions from journalists on Saturday at a press conference at the Palacio de la Moncloa that the provinces of Granada and Malaga “They must remain” one more week in phase 1 by “A principle of prudence and precaution”.

The vice president of the Board has criticized that, on the part of the central government, “it has gone from a sanitary criterion” to argue that these two provinces should continue in Phase 1 to complete at least two weeks at that level before changing stages, to “Ask for prudence”, which, in his opinion, “Shows that there was no sound argument to deny a perfectly reasoned request” like the one that the Andalusian Government transferred to the Ministry of Health to request the passage of the eight Andalusian provinces to Phase 2 from next Monday.

Marín considers that there has been “Absolute discrimination” on two eminently “tourist” provinces such as Malaga and Granada, which “need to go to Phase 2, where the economy has to be reactivated, in the field of tourism, but also in other sectors”, according to the Andalusian vice president, who continued has warned that “thousands of companies in Granada and Malaga will be affected by an arbitrary decision” by the central government, “That does not obey any sanitary reasoning at a time like this”, as he has insisted.

He added that “proof that there was no criteria to keep a territory or province for two weeks” in the same phase before promoting another “Is that Malaga and Granada only spent a week in Phase Zero to go to Phase 1”.

Marín has thus criticized the “Permanent unreason” on the part of the Government that “only creates uncertainty, which despises the value of the work of thousands of entrepreneurs over many years to maintain a quality service that is now a benchmark in the entire world”, according to the vice president, who He regretted that “this image is being damaged by a nonsense of a Government of Spain that insists on maintaining a position despite the fact that it is aware that it is causing damage that we will see the consequences it has on employment.”