Covid-19: at least 90 days of immunity guaranteed by Moderna’s vaccine – .

The scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine made public, Thursday, December 3, the “promising” effect of Moderna’s vaccine.

The effect of vaccine against the coronavirus from the American laboratory Moderna on 34 participants at the start of clinical trials is revealed Thursday by the British medical journal, New England Journal of Medicine.

According to the results of the study on these test candidates, they have developed antibodies that provide immunity for at least 90 days after injection. A medical follow-up of these participants for 13 months is then planned to verify the protection provided by the vaccine longer term. It is also indicated that no serious adverse effects were observed in the participants during the so-called phase 1 trial which began in March.

During Jean Castex’s speech on Thursday, when he spoke of his strategy of vaccination, the Prime Minister mentioned the vaccine of Moderna which will be one of the vaccines to be deployed in France. The other vaccines are those of Pfizer-BioNtech and British AstraZeneca, reports the newspaper The Parisian.

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