Coronavirus —

Starting this Monday, May 25, bank customers will not be able to enter their branches if they are not wearing a mask “that guarantees that the mouth and nose are covered,” the Association of Private Banks of Nicaragua (Asobanp) through a statement.

The banks’ announcement is to “tighten security measures” and to “reduce the spread of Covid-19,” the statement said, which also explains that banks have been implementing security measures recommended by the World Organization of the Health (WHO) to protect their workers and their clients.

Banks urge citizens to avoid the use of cash in their banking transactions using electronic means and thus not to stand in line at branches. THE PRESS / ÓSCAR NAVARRETE

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Lastly, Asobanp urges bank customers to “use electronic channels, digital platforms, ATMs and telepayments” to guarantee “social distancing, to reduce as far as possible the use of cash and lines in branches ».

The measure of the bank branches joins the one applied by the La Colonia supermarkets, which on May 20 announced that the use of masks is mandatory in all branches in order to protect their workers and customers from the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the international level, several countries have already established the use of this article on a mandatory basis when citizens take to the streets or visit spaces with a high concentration of people. Even Central American countries like Guatemala and El Salvador have stipulated fines for those who do not meet this requirement.

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According to official figures from the Nicaraguan government, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 add up to 279, according to a report by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) last Tuesday, but the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory of Nicaragua counts more than 2,000 cases in the whole country.