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The Official State Gazette published this Saturday, May 23, includes a modification of the regulations referring to the use of beaches published in the ministerial order regarding May 9. Article 46 of the same, referring to the conditions in which the sandbanks will be reopened, which can already be used with certain limitations (in no case for recreational activities, such as bathing or sunbathing, which will not be allowed until the phase 2) For sports practices or walks now fix the following.

“1. The transit and stay on the beaches, as well as the practice of sports, professional or recreational activities, will be carried out in the terms provided for in section 2 of article 7 of this order, provided that in the latter case they can be developed individually and without physical contact, and that a minimum distance of two meters is maintained between the participants.

2. The use of outdoor showers and footbaths, toilets, changing rooms and other similar public services is permitted. Its maximum occupation will be one person, except in those cases of people who may require assistance, in which case they may have their companion. The cleaning and disinfection of said toilets must be reinforced, always guaranteeing their state of health and hygiene.

3. Bathers must make responsible use of the beach and its facilities, both from an environmental and sanitary point of view, complying with the recommendations and standards established by the health authorities.

4. The location of personal belongings, towels, sun loungers and similar items will be carried out in such a way as to guarantee a security perimeter of two meters with respect to other users, except in the case of bathers living together or who do not exceed the number maximum number of persons provided in section 2 of article 7 of this order. The sunbeds for rotary use must be cleaned and disinfected when changing users.

5. The municipalities may establish limitations on both access, which in any case will be free, and capacity on the beaches in order to ensure that the interpersonal distance of at least two meters between bathers is respected. Likewise, in order to guarantee their enjoyment by as many people as possible in conditions of sanitary security, they may also establish limits on the time they stay there, as well as access to the car parks in order to facilitate control of capacity. of the beaches. In order to calculate the maximum capacity allowed for each beach, it will be considered that the surface of the beach to be occupied by each bather will be approximately four square meters. For this calculation, the useful surface of the beach will be discounted, at least, a strip of six meters to count from the shore at high tide.

6. The municipalities will ensure that cleaning and disinfection of beach facilities and goods is carried out using substances that are not harmful to the environment.

7. Users will be reminded through visible signage or other means of the hygiene and prevention regulations to be observed, pointing out the need to leave the facility in case of any symptom compatible with COVID-19.8. The hotel and restaurant activities carried out on the beaches, including those discovered, with the concession or authorization of occupation or use of the maritime-terrestrial public domain, shall be governed by the provisions of this order for the hotel and restaurant regime, without prejudice of the provisions of the applicable sectoral legislation. Those responsible for business of jet skis, pedal boats and any other sporting or recreational elements must comply with the provisions of the specific orders for retail trade and, in particular, in everything that is refers to hygiene and disinfection. All vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected before each use. “

Regarding the hours enabled for the use of beaches, for now they are the same set for walks and sports activities abroad: each age group will be able to go to them in the assigned hours. Those to be set for Phase 2, when recreational use is tolerated, have yet to be announced.

Regarding the protocol that will be put in place to control the capacity, the entrances and exits or the safety distances on the beaches, Health have from this Friday a draft that is pending approval and would include measures such as the use of drones, disinfection of deckchairs or differentiated entrances and exits.