Coronavirus —

Madrid renounces requesting the pass to phase 2 next week. Although it will request the relaxation of some restrictions to be able open shopping malls to 40% of their capacity or interior nature tourism. This was confirmed today at a press conference by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community, and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, mayor of the city.

“We are not in a hurryI appeal to everyone’s responsibility not to take wrong steps. We will be testing this first phase to see if all citizens follow the directions “, indicated the regional leader.

What Ayuso has announced is that will study offering alternatives to incorporate some relief measures contemplated in phase 2, such as “for example the controlled opening of large shopping centers, because they are safe environments and create a lot of employment. Now they are closed, with the consequent economic damage. “

Without letting down my guard

Both leaders wanted to point out the importance of compliance with the measures: “We cannot let our guard down, the virus is still between us and collective responsibility is necessary, from individual freedom, so that we can continue advancing “.

The president wanted to warn that “there may be rebounds and that would be logical”, but added that “If we follow the basic rules, there may not even be any.”

Public Health Order

This weekend a protocol will be made public through a Public Health Order. Recommendations will be made in it wash hands for up to 20 seconds or the fundamental use of the mask.

Back to normal

From Monday, The 19 great parks of the city will reopen, like El Retiro or Casa de Campo. Therefore, they have requested responsibility to return to normality as soon as possible: “We will work together to get out of this situation. We have never left but We can say that Madrid can be that Madrid that we long for. “