Coronavirus —

Madrid, Barcelona and Castilla y León will advance to phase 1 starting next Monday, May 25. After the announcement made last Friday by Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, 54% of the country will be in this stage and There is no longer any territory that is in phase 0 of de-escalation.

To argue the decision, Illa declared that “we have always been guided by a maxim: every step we take that is safe and we will continue to apply it throughout the phases de-escalation “.

In the case of the Spanish capital, this was the third time that he had requested the Government its move to phase 1. The Ministry argued as the main reason that it was necessary for its system to be consolidated to offer greater security and increase its ability to detect, diagnose, isolate, and monitor confirmed cases and their contacts. ”

Regarding Barcelona, ​​it was the only area of ​​Catalonia that remained in phase 0 together with Baix Montseny. Unlike Madrid, Barcelona did not request its advance to the next stage, but rather a relaxation of the measures to get into a kind of phase 0.5.

Finally, there was Castilla y León. This autonomous community already had several territories in phase 1, but with the confirmation offered by the Health holder, all the autonomy, made up of nine provinces, is already in this stage.

In addition to all the measures from the previous phase, will now be allowed the reopening of the terraces of bars and restaurants, the celebration of meetings with a maximum of ten people wave mobility between municipalities in the same province.

Second residences

In phase 1 certain mobility restrictions are also lifted. Therefore, citizens who have a ssecond residence, They can go to it as long as the displacements occur in the same province or island. The impossibility of traveling between territories is maintained, something provided for phase 3, which will start in the best case from June 22 in those territories that manage to pass the second stage.

Too may travel more than two people per vehicle, although the occupants will have to wear masks and there may only be two for each row of seats. Regarding the reasons for moving, they are extended to any of activities previously allowed on condition that they are carried out in the same province.