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Profeco explained that cremation prices in Mexico City rose 6.3 percent on average since last November

Despite the increase in the number of deaths by coronavirus COVID-19 in the Mexico City, the funeral homes they have not taken advantage of the situation by raising their prices disproportionately, the Federal Office of the Consumer (Prophecy).

“Prices for services inhumation and of cremation they have not had considerable increases since last November, ”he said in information provided to Notimex.

He explained that the prices of cremations in Mexico City they only rose 6.3 percent on average from November 2019 to May 15 of this year, going from 12 thousand 40 to 12 thousand 852 pesos.

He added that according to monitoring, the burial package provided by the funeral services in the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City it went from 10,702 pesos on average in November 2019 to 10,768 pesos, which meant a 0.6 percent rise.

“Profeco has not detected that there is saturation in crematoria that justify price increases on the part of funeral parlors, ”said the Office of the Attorney General.

However, they have been detected abuse caused by the so-called “coyotes“, That they are hired by third parties and not by the relatives, and those who do increase the costs of funeral services.

Profeco has not received, until now, complaints against these intermediaries or “coyotes”, but recommended that consumers denounce them before ministerial authorities or before Profeco itself, which can channel these claims to the Prosecutor’s Office.

He recognized that neither the Health Protection Agency of Mexico City, nor the Profeco, have faculties to regulate the prices, rights or quotas for cremation services.

In their verifications, they found that in May the average cost of the burial service was 9,3323 in Puebla; 9 thousand 896 in Culiacan; 10 thousand 566 in Beautiful villa; 14 thousand 294 in Lion; 14 thousand 920 in Cancun; 17 thousand 193 in Mexicali, 18 thousand 726 in Tijuana, 17 thousand 261 in Guadalajara, and 19 thousand 884 in Monterrey.

With information from Notimex