Coronavirus —

The automotive sector, Like so many others, it is being hit hard by the pandemic. In Spain, where it supposes 10% of GDP and 9% of employment, sales fell 96.5% in April. If that data is extrapolated to Europe, the fall reaches 76.3%. An atrocity. This crisis has joined other previous crises in an automotive giant, Renault, to the point that Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy of France, He said this week in several interviews that the company “is at stake for survival” and “may disappear.” The French state, which participates in 15% in its shareholding, study the $ 5 billion loan euros to refloat the rhombus brand, although it asks for conditions: the empowerment of the electric vehicle and the increase in production in its country. On May 29 he will present a restructuring plan, which will mean a saving of 2,000 million in three years, with the closure, among other measures, of three plants on French soil. Before this black horizon, the Formula 1 team It doesn’t seem like your biggest problem. Nor that flyer reserved for Fernando Alonso.

Recent movements in the F1 market, with Sebastian Vettel, Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo As the first protagonists, they placed the name of Alonso as a serious candidate to replace the Australian. Now we have to see how this maneuver would fit in the manufacturer’s crisis. The signing of the two-time champion could be presented as a lifeline, as a publicly interesting arrival to relaunch the brand, with the image of the only pilot who has managed to crown the diamond in the World Cup. But realistically, it can also become an impossible operation by the shifting earth in which the automotive sector has become muddy and, specifically, the Renault group. There are 48,000 employees, only in France. At stake is much more than a car in Formula 1.