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Covid-19 has hit very hard in Mexican soccer. The infections have been varied, at the managerial level, coaching staff, staff, youth categories, women’s branch and even in referees. However, one of the most affected sectors is the First Division players of the 18 teams. Of a total of 433 footballers registered in the Guard1anes 2021 tournament, at least 127 have tested positive for the disease.

That is, 30% have been infected, some with symptoms, others asymptomatic, but what is a fact is that they have not been saved.

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In this count, only confirmed cases of First Division players are considered, reported by LigaMX, the clubs or the players themselves. If the Women’s Leagues, Expansion, inferiors, managers, technical bodies, and staff are considered, there are more than 600 cases.

The teams most affected have been a couple from the capital, the area most affected by the coronavirus in the country. Cruz Azul has 14 players, while America was not far behind with a total of 11. While in Perla Tapatia and Sultana del Norte they were not able to save either. Chivas reported 12 positives, while the latest massive outbreak in Monterrey put the Rayados as one of the teams that have been least cared for with 11 footballers who have caught the virus.

Liga MX will continue with its protocols to avoid more infections, the tests will continue every ten days, in the search to stop so much contagion, but the reality is that our football has been one of the most affected worldwide, a true reflection of the great proportions that the pandemic has reached in the country.

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